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Reasons To Use A POE Switch

When you are installing a video surveillance system, you can't always install your cameras in easy to access locations. Instead, you have to install your cameras where they will provide you the best view of your surroundings. This can mean running network and power lines to hard to reach places. Running more than one line to a camera can be difficult, and this is where POE cables and POE switches can make a real difference for you. 

What Is a POE Cable?

POE stands for power over ethernet. When you use a POE cable in your home, you only have to run one cable to your various network devices. As long as these devices are designed to work with POE cables, they will receive power through the same cable that relays the network feed. 

What Is a POE Switch?

In order to use POE-compatible devices in your home, you need a switch which will detect the POE-compatible devices you connect to the switch and send power to them. Switches come in different sizes so that you can run only a couple of devices or many devices. 

The Advantages of Using POE-Compatible Devices?

Setting up a network in your home can be tricky. There are many variables to consider. When you use POE, you have a few distinct advantages over using other modes of setting up a network:

  1. Cost: Running two separate cables to each device on your network costs you twice. For one, you have to pay for the cost of installation, and for another you also have to pay for materials, since you only have to run one cable. 
  2. Safety: POE devices are designed to protect your equipment against overload, so they help to eliminate the risk of damaged equipment and repair or replacement costs. 
  3. Reliability: POE devices get their power from one central source that can be backed up with a secondary power source, so even if the power in your home or building goes down, you can still rely on your network.

When you install a security network, you have to consider every variable. If you want a truly flexible and reliable system, you need to use POE cables and switches. They will make it much easier to put security cameras in places that are a long ways from a power source, and your cameras will stay up and running even if your power goes out. Talk to a professional like IT Outlet Inc for more information.