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5 Reasons To Never Use An Indoor TV Outside

Watching TV in your living room is probably relaxing, but watching it in your backyard with a nice, natural breeze probably sounds even more relaxing. Outdoor TVs are great because they allow you to take your home entertainment experience to the great outdoors. Unfortunately, outdoor TVs are significantly more expensive than indoor TVs; an outdoor TV can be thousands of dollars more than an indoor TV of the same size. If you can't afford this luxury item, but you still want the experience, you might be tempted to bring an indoor TV outside. This might seem like a good idea at first, but after reading this guide, you'll quickly realize why using an indoor TV outside is a disaster in the making.

1. The TV can overheat outside. While TVs do have ventilation holes that allow the heat generated by internal components to escape, they're not designed for the type of heat that comes from outside weather; when the internal components overheat, the lifespan of the TV decreases significantly.

2. Insects, bugs, and debris can get inside the ventilation holes. When these elements enter the ventilation holes, there's not only a risk of a short circuit, but there's also a risk of electrocution. Outdoor TVs are designed to eliminate these safety issues.

3. The volume won't be the same. If you've ever brought an indoor TV outside, you'll notice how hard it is to hear, even at top volume, because the speakers are meant for a relatively small space. Outdoor TVs are designed with special speakers that can fill a large, outdoor space.

4. You'll lose your warranty. Most warranties on TVs explicitly state that outdoor use is forbidden, so any damage incurred definitely won't be covered. With the amount of damage an indoor TV can sustain outside, repairing the TV could end up costing more than replacing it.

5. You can't see clearly. The light intensity of an indoor TV isn't bright enough to see outside, especially against the glare of the sun. Outdoor TVs are designed with a much higher light intensity so you can see clearly outside; some of them also come with a glare free screen.

With the high cost of outdoor TVs, it's understandable why someone might feel they'd rather just bring their indoor TV outside. While it might feel like you're saving money in the short term, repairs and replacements could end up costing just as much as the outdoor TV in the long term. For more information on repairs, talk to company like Bammel TV Service.