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Stylish Ways To Dress Up Your Cell Phone Using A Clear Silicone Case

If you are among the 64% of adults in the United States who carry a cell phone, you may want to make yours a bit noticeable so it is easily found in your bag, car, or home. Giving your phone some decoration will also make it attractive to you and others looking at it when it is out in the open. Here are a few stylish ways to dress up your cell phone with the aid of a clear silicone case.

Add Some Rhinestones

Cell phone rhinestones are a great addition to a phone you want noticed. They can be bought in a variety of sizes and colors and are simply attached to the existing phone case by peeling them from the paper backing and sticking them in place. You can spell out words, make fancy designs, or draw pictures using rhinestones. When one falls off, simple replace with a new one. Another idea is to place the stones directly to the phone and then cover the phone with a clear silicone case so the stones stay in place. Look for a case with a bit of flexibility, such as a gel silicone case, so it stretches over the bumps of the rhinestones easily.

Protect The Natural Look

One great way to make your phone noticed is by not using a colored case at all! A clear silicone case will protect your cell phone from harmful drops or inclement weather while allowing it to retain its natural look. Using a clear case has the added benefit of being able to see the edges of the phone to help make flash notification lights much more noticeable. These cases are a great addition to a phone for someone who would rather appreciate the look of their device in the condition it was when bought rather than needing to dress it up with patterns, color, or bling.

Add Some Memories

Consider using a clear silicone phone case to hold photographs in place over your phone. This will make your phone extremely personalized, allowing you to view your favorite pictures every time you look at your phone, without even needing to turn it on to view snapshots in storage. Cut a few of your favorite photographs to fit on the interior of a silicone phone case. To attach, simply dab a bit of clear glue onto each corner of a photograph, turn it upside-down, and press to the interior of the case.

You can keep one or two photos inside, or cover the entire interior of the case by cutting the photos so they meld into one another in a collage-style. If you would rather use another medium besides photos, bits of scrapbook paper, pages from books, and even dried flowers can be used as a substitution. Slip the clear silicone case for iPhone 6 over your phone and enjoy the view!