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Important Features Of Quality Wireless Headsets

In decades past, office workers had to use a telephone that was strictly tied to their desk. With today's modern technology, telephone headsets have made talking on the phone completely hands-free. The newest generation of headsets not only allow the user to be hands-free, but also do not require cumbersome and often annoying cords that have to be plugged into the wall. If you're considering purchasing wireless phone headsets for your business, here are some features you should consider.

Range Of The Headset

Since wireless headsets rely on connection to the main network hub or router, the range that they can handle is very important. This feature is especially important for workers who get up and need to walk around while talking on the phone. The typical range for a mid level wireless headset is usually a few feet from the main wireless access point. More expensive models may extend this range to up to several hundred feet away. This can be helpful for those who need to maneuver in bigger areas like a warehouse or between multiple floors of a building.

Headset Security

Since a wireless headset uses a computer network to connect to the telephone server, security has the potential to be compromised. Be sure you find a headset manufacturer that offers some kind of built in security like an added level of encryption. This will help to prevent eavesdropping and can also prevent others from "hacking" into your company's telephone system to listen in or potentially steal information. Find out what kind of security the headphones offer so you can be sure it's sufficient before you make a purchase.

Talk Time Length

Cordless phones require a full charge before they can be used for any length of time, and the same is true for wireless headsets. A fully charged headset should last for anywhere from four to eight hours in terms of talk time. When it is not in use, the battery will not be used as much, so the total time it lasts should will depend on how often someone is talking with it on. 

Sound Quality

When talking on a wireless headset, it's important that the user can be heard clearly and can also hear the other end of the line clearly as well. New models come with high end sound built right in like Dolby sound or digital signal processing that helps to produce a clean and clear sound.

All of these features matter when you're looking for the right wireless headset for your business, so be sure to take them all into consideration before you make the investment.