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How To Make A Cherry Wood Case For A Flash Drive

You can end up with a lot of ugly USB flash drives when attending trade shows, professional gatherings, and other events where companies give them out as promotional items. If you are good at working with your hands and you have carpentry skills, you can turn those ugly promotional items into something beautiful by taking the plastic cover off of the USB flash drive and putting the drive into a custom made cherry case. Here is how you can take a promotional USB flash drive and build a custom-made cherry wood case for it.

Remove Flash Drive

The first thing you want to do is remove the flash drive circuit board from the plastic casing it is in. Break the plastic cover by squeezing it carefully with a pair of pliers. The pressure from the pliers should be enough to crack open the plastic cover. Once the plastic cover is open, use a small flathead screwdriver to stick into the crack and break the plastic into pieces. Remove the circuit board from the plastic.

Cut Pieces of Cherry Wood

Cut a small piece of cherry wood that is thicker, wider, and longer than the flash drive on a table or band saw. A table or band saw is best to use because you can get very precise when cutting small pieces of wood. 

You also want to cut a thin piece of cherry wood that has the same width and length as the first piece of wood, but you want it to be roughly a third of the thickness of the first piece. The second piece will serve as a cap once the circuit board of the flash drive is inserted into the larger piece of wood.

Chisel a Groove for Flash Drive

Place the circuit board on top of the thick piece of wood and draw the outline of it on the wood. You want to make sure only the circuit board part of the flash drive is on the wood and not the part that plugs into a USB port. The plug part is going to stick out of the case so it can be plugged into a USB port.Take a sharp chisel and carve out the outline. You want to go deep enough so the flash drive will fit into the carved out space. The flash drive should be flush with the surface of wood once it is inserted into the groove. Put the flash drive into the groove.

Glue Pieces Together

Get some wood glue and put it on both of the pieces of cherry wood. Do not get any glue on the circuit board. Press the pieces of wood together and secure them with a small carpenter's clamp. Wait until the glue dries. Trim the case with a band saw to remove any excess wood. Place some Danish oil onto the wood to give it a little extra shine and to protect it against the regular wear and tear of daily handling before using.

Contact a flash drive case company, like myFlashWrap, if you don't want to make cases on your own.