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A Smart Buyer's Guide To Refurbished Smartphones

Smartphones today are like a private diary and can contain anything from someone's credit card information to personal photos. If you're in the market for a new smartphone but you prefer to purchase one that's been refurbished, there are several things you should be aware of so you can make a good purchase decision. Here are a few things to consider before you plunk down your hard-earned cash to buy a refurbished phone so you can be sure it will work well for you.

Be Wary Of Installed Apps

When you get a refurbished smartphone, take a close look at all of the apps that could already be pre-installed. Some games and other applications come with a monthly recurring charge, and those charges might get passed on to you once you take over the phone and put the service in your name. Make sure the phone is completely cleared of all prior installed apps so you won't get hit with a charge for something you didn't even realize was being used. You should also ensure that the phone has been restored to its factory settings. This means that the smartphone has been returned to its original state, and all of the settings are set to allow you to change them as you see fit. Factory reset phones also indicate that the phone has not been stolen and has been wiped clean of any prior data.

A Clean ESN

The ESN or electronic serial number is used to identify phones and keep track of ownership. Sellers of refurbished smartphones should only be selling phones with a "clean ESN." This means that the phone is legitimate and has not been reported as missing or stolen. The ESN is how cell phone manufacturers identify all of their phones, and the number should come up as being unreported or "clean." You can typically find the ESN underneath the battery of your smartphone or indicated in the settings screen. A reputable seller should be willing to give you the ESN so you can do a search to guarantee it is free and clear of any issues before you make a purchase.

Wear And Tear

The current condition of a refurbished smartphone can often mean the difference between a great purchase and a total flop. Make sure that the phone you're interested in has only minor signs of wear and tear. Most major manufacturers offer refurbished smartphones at a discounted price, and they'll often replace damaged cases or screens with issues before reselling them. If you decide to purchase your refurbished phone from a private seller, make sure the phone is in good condition without a cracked screen or major dents or dings, and that it has a clear lack of any cosmetic damage. Reputable sellers should provide accurate, clear photos and indicate if the phone has any signs of wear and tear so you can make a confident buying decision.

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