How To Make A Cherry Wood Case For A Flash Drive

You can end up with a lot of ugly USB flash drives when attending trade shows, professional gatherings, and other events where companies give them out as promotional items. If you are good at working with your hands and you have carpentry skills, you can turn those ugly promotional items into something beautiful by taking the plastic cover off of the USB flash drive and putting the drive into a custom made cherry case. [Read More]

5 Seating Considerations To Keep In Mind For Your Home Arcade

When designing a home arcade, seating is one of the most important considerations to take into account. Those who are gaming for long periods of time need a good place to sit to optimize their gaming experience. Keep the following considerations in mind when planning your seating for your home arcade so that you and your guests have the best possible gaming experience: Comfort is key A good gaming session will involve hours of uninterrupted playing. [Read More]

Generate Your Own Wiring Designs

Basic wiring designs should be easy enough to generate as long as you are familiar with the codes that govern the placement of the devices you need for your project. On the other hand, codes are changing all the time to keep up with the advent of new technologies. Furthermore, some projects require electrical devices that you may not be familiar with. In these cases, it makes sense to have someone help you. [Read More]

Important Features Of Quality Wireless Headsets

In decades past, office workers had to use a telephone that was strictly tied to their desk. With today's modern technology, telephone headsets have made talking on the phone completely hands-free. The newest generation of headsets not only allow the user to be hands-free, but also do not require cumbersome and often annoying cords that have to be plugged into the wall. If you're considering purchasing wireless phone headsets for your business, here are some features you should consider. [Read More]