Important Features Of Quality Wireless Headsets

In decades past, office workers had to use a telephone that was strictly tied to their desk. With today's modern technology, telephone headsets have made talking on the phone completely hands-free. The newest generation of headsets not only allow the user to be hands-free, but also do not require cumbersome and often annoying cords that have to be plugged into the wall. If you're considering purchasing wireless phone headsets for your business, here are some features you should consider. [Read More]

What To Do When Your Laptop's Internal Fans Stop Working -- And You Can't Get Another Internal Fan

The whir of a laptop fan is a common sound, and the lack of that whir can be alarming. Without a working fan, a laptop can quickly overheat. While most laptops have safety features built in, such as shutting off once the processor reaches a certain temperature, the inability to run lots of programs or even use the computer on a very hot day can be frustrating. The obvious fix is to go get the fan replaced (or get both fans replaced, if the laptop has two that have both broken), but what do you do if you can't get new fans? [Read More]

Stylish Ways To Dress Up Your Cell Phone Using A Clear Silicone Case

If you are among the 64% of adults in the United States who carry a cell phone, you may want to make yours a bit noticeable so it is easily found in your bag, car, or home. Giving your phone some decoration will also make it attractive to you and others looking at it when it is out in the open. Here are a few stylish ways to dress up your cell phone with the aid of a clear silicone case. [Read More]

5 Reasons To Never Use An Indoor TV Outside

Watching TV in your living room is probably relaxing, but watching it in your backyard with a nice, natural breeze probably sounds even more relaxing. Outdoor TVs are great because they allow you to take your home entertainment experience to the great outdoors. Unfortunately, outdoor TVs are significantly more expensive than indoor TVs; an outdoor TV can be thousands of dollars more than an indoor TV of the same size. If you can't afford this luxury item, but you still want the experience, you might be tempted to bring an indoor TV outside. [Read More]